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What makes Fodbod's protein bars different?

If you're tired of navigating the jungle of protein bars and deciphering long and confusing ingredient lists, we’d like to introduce you to Fodbods! Our bars are turning the protein game upside down with their commitment to natural, clean, and gut-friendly ingredients.

Nothing Artificial!

Fodbods don’t contain anything artificial – no weird chemicals, no alphabet soup of preservatives, and no emulsifiers (which can impact our gut health). Just clean, natural ingredients that we all know and love (and can actually pronounce). Which brings us to our next point. 
 Nothing Artificial!

Naturally Sweet, Naturally Good

Who needs artificial sweeteners when nature has a treasure trove of sweet delights? We embrace the goodness of naturally sweet ingredients like fruit, dark chocolate and brown rice syrup. Unlike honey (and some other high FODMAP sweeteners), brown rice syrup is low FODMAP and adds a gentle sweetness without causing any digestive distress. 
Natural Ingredients

Certified Low FODMAP

Say goodbye to the usual suspects wreaking havoc on sensitive tummies. No sugar alcohols (like xylitol, maltitol, mannitol and sorbitol), dates or inulin/chicory root fibre, which are all quite common ingredients in other protein bars. 
Fun fact: Fodbods are the only certified low FODMAP protein bars in Australia! This means you can enjoy them, worry-free, without any tummy aches or bloating. 

Dietitian Formulated & Endorsed

Fodbods products are dietitian-formulated and endorsed, which means they have the perfect balance of macros (protein, carbs and healthy fats). Carefully crafted, each product is designed to suit a range of lifestyle goals and dietary requirements, so no one misses out!
Dietitian Formulated

What about flavour?

But hey, we know what you're thinking – does all this clean talk mean compromising on flavour? Not in the slightest! From rich chocolatey goodness to fruity delights, there's a delicious flavoured Fodbod for every occasion or craving.
So next time you're on the lookout for a snack that won't leave your gut grumbling or your taste buds bored, give Fodbods a whirl. You and your gut can thank us later!
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