so many people have gut issues...

1 in 5 people have irritable bowel syndrome. 1 in 2 people suffer from some form of gut symptom.

maybe it's fodmaps?:

FODMAPs are carbohydrates that are found in a range of foods, such as dates, honey, onion, garlic and wheat. We know, these things are all healthy, but unfortunately they aren't digested well by everyone. More below....

Fodbods are all certified FODMAP friendly – which means the FODMAP levels are very very low. So if you're prone to tummy aches or bloating, Fodbods are the perfect snack for you!


Most dietitians will recommend the FODMAP diet to manage IBS symptoms.

The FODMAP diet was developed by the very smart people at Monash University. It's the best proven way to manage the symptoms of IBS and helps 75% of sufferers.

The low FODMAP diet involves identifying which FODMAPs trigger your symptoms and eliminating those from your diet. It does NOT mean cutting out all FODMAPs forever - that would be a sad way to live but it would also be bad for your health.


If you've been recommended to try the FODMAP diet, we highly recommend downloading the Monash FODMAP app. You can toggle your individual intolerances in the settings so that it filters foods that are safe [green light) or unsafe (red light) for YOU!