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Many people miss eating bananas when following the low FODMAP diet so Fodbods' banana and peanut bars are the perfect solution! These delicious bars won’t upset your tummy and also help you meet your protein needs!

Here at fodbods we know the importance of having a snack you can rely on. Fodbods are suitable for all three phases of the low FODMAP diet; but even if you aren’t following the diet you can still count on us! Our bars have an impressive balance of macronutrients, are vegan, gluten and dairy free.  You can enjoy fodbods as a quick and healthy breakfast, in between meetings and when you're on the go – pretty much whenever you need a boost of energy 🤪

Nutritional info:

If you're following the low FODMAP diet, you probably spend enough time studying products' ingredients without worrying about the nutritional panel Fodbods want to make that easier so without having to read the detail, you know our products are squeaky clean – made with only a few ingredients that are 100% natural and non-GMO.  There's nothing worse than a snack bar that contains a whole bunch of additives and numbers that are hard to understand, right!? 

The 50g banana peanut bars contain 911kj of energy (217cal), 17.4g of carbohydrates (only 10g of sugar), 15.7g of protein and 9.5g of fats (only 1.6g saturated). 


Most natural protein bars are sweetened with high FODMAP ingredients such as honey and dates; along with other problematic ingredients such as chicory root, dried fruit and wheat.  

Our banana peanut Fodbods are sweetened with organic rice malt syrup. The other seven ingredients are simple, clean and all low FODMAP. 

The 15.7g of protein comes from organic rice protein, peanut protein and soy protein crisps in the bar (no pea protein in these ones). Protein is an essential macronutrient and its job is to repair muscles and bones. It’s also a great source of fuel for the body and keeps you fuller for longer.

The first ingredient in these bars is peanuts and this is where most of the fat content comes from. Peanuts contain roughly 70% fat – mostly healthy fats, which assist in absorbing nutrients, store energy and are beneficial for the heart. They also contain nutrients that are beneficial to health making them a great snack compared to other simple carbohydrate foods. 

While on the topic of carbohydrates, the banana peanut bars contain 17.4g, with 10.1g of this being sugar. As carbohydrates are our body's first source of energy, it's important we include them in our diet, especially when we are exercising or always on the go. 

That's a wrap on our banana peanut 'nutritional info’, but you can always reach out to us @fobods on socials if you have more questions! 


We aim to create products that are suitable for everyone and more importantly, that can be ENJOYED by everyone. You know that you can always rely on Fodbods bars to reach for whenever hunger strikes!

So if you're keen to get your hands on a Banana Peanut fodbod or any of our other bars, you can order them directly from our website or find them in one of our awesome stockists!

As always, we love hearing your feedback and if you ever need to reach out to us you can @fodbods on socials. 

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