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Navigating Life With Gut Issues: Stories From Our Community

Did you know that 1 in 2 Aussies live with gut issues?! Yes, you read that correctly. At least 50% of our nation currently experiences unpleasant gut symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation. 

Here at Fodbods, our mission has always been to help those with gut issues – we want to normalise them, spread awareness and show you that it is possible to live life freely

With so many impacted by gut issues, people should be talking about it! We have thousands of loyal customers who depend on our products so are honoured to be able to share their stories. Chances are you can relate… 

In a few sentences, describe how gut issues have impacted your life.

“Gut issues have affected my life by not being able to eat the foods I used to enjoy as they cause terrible pain.”

– Michelle

“My gut issues came out of nowhere at age 39. I had no problems with food up to that point but suddenly had what we’d later find out to be severe IBS symptoms. It took months of testing .. and by that stage I was physically a wreck, wary of almost all foods and reluctant to go anywhere other than home or work.”

– Aaron

“Having an intolerance makes life very restrictive and I'm always concerned that I may consume something that might not agree with me. My diet is quite limited which means I don't often go out to eat.”

– Paul

Gut issues can be extremely challenging, especially during the initial stages when there are a lot of unknowns. Rest assured though, we’re here to support you through your journey, to show you that you will get through this. We highly recommend seeking guidance from qualified health professionals who, alongside our yummy snacks, will empower you to overcome and better manage those uncomfortable symptoms.

What are some tips to share with others who suffer from gut issues?

  • “Seek professional medical help and follow a low FODMAP diet (download the Monash University FODMAP app on your phone).” – Michelle
  • “I’m reluctant to share too many tips because our issues and experiences will differ but it’s important to keep an open mind about what might be causing or exacerbating your gut issues, as well as what might help you better live with them.” – Aaron
  • “There are a lot of great resources on the web and professional dietitians to help navigate the FODMAP world. These resources led me to Fodbods and I’m so glad I found them.” – Aaron
  • Always have low FODMAP snacks on hand – “Fodbods have been amazing for me. They really helped me out at the beginning of my FODMAP journey when I had no idea what to do and I still love them. Eat them every day.” – Aaron
  • “When you find something that is suitable (and doesn’t cause you any issues), stick to it.” – Paul

      We also recommend peppermint tea and a hot water bottle/wheat bag for those inevitable, uncomfortable moments. You can find some more tips from our incredible community here

      How has Fodbods helped you on your journey?

      “Fodbods have helped me by providing healthy options for a low FODMAP snack. They contain quality protein and don’t contain any sugar alcohols which really irritate my gut.”

      – Michelle

      “Fodbods have become part of my everyday diet and gave me back the freedom to do things I love (like travel).” 

      – Aaron

      A lot of other gluten-free and low FODMAP food reminds you that you’re ‘missing out’ (whether it’s bland flavours or bread that tastes like cardboard). The Fodbods Protein Bars and Buddies are healthy but also taste so good.” 

      – Aaron

      “Fodbods have been a reliable snack that my whole family enjoys even if they don't have any dietary issues. The Peanut Choc Chunk Protein Bar has been a staple of my diet for several years now which is not only delicious but also a filling snack.”

      – Paul

      We loved reading these responses and could truly empathise with them. Please know that you are not alone in your gut health journey. We understand the challenges you’re facing and hope Fodbods can and are making your life that little bit easier. Our DMs (@fodbods) are always open if you need to chat. You’ve gut this!


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