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We’ve created every Fodbods bar to be delicious, but we care just as much about the quality and nutritional benefits of all the yummy ingredients. 

The Peanut Choc Chunk Fodbod is definitely a crowd favourite, in this article we’ll take a closer look into the contents of the bar! Nutritional info, ingredients and what makes it the perfect healthy snack 😉

Nutritional info:

Fodbods health bars are nutritionally balanced, containing a relatively equal combination of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats). Understanding macronutrients is important as they are the 3 main nutrients that provide our bodies with energy.

The peanut choc chunk bar has 967kj of energy (231 cal), 16.8g of carbohydrates (9.3g of which are sugars), 15.7g of protein and 11.2g of fats.


 So where do the carbohydrates, protein and fats come from in fodbods?


All ingredients in the bar are 100% natural, gluten and dairy free. Combined they create the perfect snack filled bar that can trust will make you feel good. 

Carbohydrates or ‘carbs’ are our bodies preferred fuel source as they are easiest for us to convert into energy. Most of the carbs in Fodbods bars come from the organic rice malt syrup. Derived from brown rice, rice malt syrup is 100% glucose, which is why it’s low FODMAP. The other ingredients 

Protein is an essential part of the diet, its main role is to build, repair and maintain muscle mass. This macronutrient also helps to keep you fuller for longer, as a result of its effect on certain hunger hormones. The organic pea protein, organic rice protein and soy protein crisps contribute most to the 15.7g of protein, with the rest coming from the peanuts. 

Fats found in foods are generally classified as ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’. Good fats or unsaturated fats are essential for overall health. They are used as an energy source, storage for vitamins and for production of hormones. ‘Bad fats’ include saturated and trans fats and are linked to chronic health conditions like heart disease. The main ingredient in Fodbods Peanut Choc bars is peanuts which are mostly made up of ‘good fats’ and the bars themselves contain only 2.7g of saturated fat. 


Hopefully you have now learnt a little more about what ‘nutritional information’ really means, and also more about our peanut choc bar!


We aim to create products that are suitable for everyone and more importantly, that can be ENJOYED by everyone. Fodbods are made to be the snack you can rely on, for when you need something to reach for that you know will sustain you! 

So if you're keen to get your hands on a Peanut choc chunk fodbod, or any of our other bars, head to

As always, we love hearing your feedback and if you ever need to reach out to us you can @fodbods on socials.



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