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Low FODMAP Takeaway

Following a low FODMAP diet can be quite overwhelming, especially when your only option is takeaway (we've all been there). Unfortunately, most fast-food chains don’t cater for those with FODMAP intolerances (although this is definitely improving).

Our in-house dietitian Eloise Turner has done some online investigating and analysed the menus of some of Australia’s favourite takeaway options so you can make an informed choice and enjoy, worry-free!


Fast Food



  • When it comes to Subway’s rolls and wraps, there is only one gluten-free (GF) option and it contains inulin (which is high FODMAP) so unfortunately, there are no low FODMAP carb options.
  • We recommend making your own salad bowl with your choice of low FODMAP protein (ham, tuna, turkey, bacon or egg), vegetables (carrot, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, tomato, olives, pineapple) and dressing (mayonnaise, sweet chilli sauce or tomato sauce).
  • Note: all other protein options contain either wheat and/or garlic/onion powder.
  • If you’d like to have a look at their allergy and ingredient information, you can find it here.



  • Mcdonald's doesn’t currently offer a GF bun/wrap so unfortunately, their burgers are off the table. 
  • Nevertheless, here are our favourite FODMAP-friendly options: 
    • Plain beef patty with fries (no ketchup as it contains high fructose corn syrup) and a garden salad (no balsamic dressing as it contains garlic).
    • Ham, cheese and tomato toastie on sourdough bread (available at McCafe).
    • Sourdough toast with jam/vegemite/peanut butter (available at McCafe).
  • If you’d like to have a look at their nutrition and ingredient information, you can find it here.


Fish and Chips

  • Good ol’ fish and chips make a great low FODMAP option. You just have to be mindful of:
    • Battered or crumbed fish (as they’re often based on wheat and can be high in fructans).
    • Flavoured salt and seasonings (we recommend sticking to plain salt as other seasonings may contain garlic and/or onion powder).
    • Frozen chips as some varieties contain wheat (always check whether the chips are GF).
  • We recommend ordering plain grilled or steamed fish with lemon, hot chips (if able) and a basic side salad (lettuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber). 


Betty’s Burgers

  • Betty’s Burgers actually list onion and garlic along with all of the other common allergens on their website (which is super handy and as we’ve realised, not at all common).
  • We recommend creating your own burger to avoid those high FODMAP ingredients. Here is what we’d order:
    • Bun: vegan bun
    • Protein: beef patty, cheese, and/or fried egg
    • Salad: lettuce and tomato
    • Sauce: mustard, plain or spicy mayonnaise



  • Grill’d have come to the rescue with a dedicated allergen section on their website! It features a range of dietary requirements including Low FODMAP (see picture below).
  • To make your burger FODMAP friendly, they recommend:
    • Bun: GF bun
    • Protein: egg, chicken or wagyu pattie
    • Salad: carrot, beetroot, pickles, lettuce and/or tomato (making sure you remove the Spanish onion, as this is added to most burgers)
    • Sauce: mayonnaise
  • If you’d like to have a look at their allergen list, you can find it here
Grill'd Low FODMAP Option


  • Rice paper rolls and sushi make great low FODMAP options, just be mindful of:
    • Sushi rice as it can sometimes be made with high fructose corn syrup (traditionally it’s just a mixture of rice, vinegar, salt and sugar so it’s usually fine).
    • Tempura or katsu (which are usually made with wheat flour).
    • High FODMAP ingredients such as avocado or marinades and sauces (discussed further below).
  • Rice-based dishes make another great low FODMAP option. Simply combine your choice of protein, low FODMAP vegetables and flavouring (any herbs or spices, fish, soy or oyster sauce).
  • As briefly mentioned above, some sauces can contain high FODMAP ingredients (e.g. teriyaki and hoisin often contain garlic, onion and/or honey) so we usually recommend checking with the wait staff before ordering. 
  • Spring onion is often used as a garnish so make sure it’s the green parts only (or leave it off altogether).



  • When it comes to pizza and pasta, we recommend opting for GF products as they contain no wheat (this means they will be low in fructans which makes them a great low FODMAP option).
  • Tomato paste or plain passata makes a great pizza base or pasta sauce as it is traditionally just tomato and salt (although we do recommend checking with the wait staff to ensure there is no added onion or garlic).
  • When it comes to the pizza toppings, we recommend choosing your favourite low FODMAP vegetables (like tomato, spinach, olives, capsicum, pineapple, zucchini etc.), meat and hard cheese (as these are naturally lower in lactose).

Last but not least, remember:

  1. You’re following a low FODMAP diet not a no FODMAP diet.
  2. When in doubt, check the Monash App for safe quantities.
  3. Advise the staff of your food intolerances (ask for recommendations and ensure there are no hidden FODMAPs).
  4. Pack your Fodbods! Our yummy range of FODMAP friendly snacks can be there for you in those dire moments - to keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you the freedom to live your best life. 

Please note: this blog post is limited to the restaurants and chains that a) have allergen and ingredient information readily available on their website, and b) have a FODMAP-friendly option. This was published in July 2022 and foods are subject to change. As mentioned above, please refer to the Monash App for safe quantities and updated information.


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