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Low FODMAP Salmon Soba Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing

I absolutely love this salmon soba bowl! It's quick, healthy and delicious. 

I'm such a fan of soba noodles – high in protein and fibre, they keep you full and help with digestion. Combined with the good fats in salmon, avocado and tahini – this bowl will leave you glowing! 

Handy tip: the different components can be pre-prepared and stored separately so you can whip the bowls up in 5 minutes – great meal prep idea! 


3 Healthy Low FODMAP Soups

With the days getting shorter and the weather cooler, there's nothing like a heartwarming soup to warm your tummy. 

Here are three of our favourite quick and easy low FODMAP soups for the whole family. If you love them as much as we do, don't forget to tag @fodbods :)


Creamy Fettuccine – with a twist

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of creamy pasta, which is usually packed with onion and garlic! This dish is super wholesome and includes chicken, broccoli and leek leaves – which add a secret onion flavour... that's FODMAP friendly! 😉

This dish is super easy and quick to make! It serves 4 so the whole family will be full with no tummy aches!


Low FODMAP Cheesy Broccoli Bites

Many canapés contain high FODMAP ingredients such as onion, garlic and wheat so here's a delicious (and healthy) recipe that everyone can enjoy! I usually double the recipe and freeze a batch so I'm prepared for the next partay!

And you can happily indulge knowing they are low FODMAP, gluten free, low carb and packed full of protein and fibre.