About Us

Fodbods was founded in Melbourne, Australia by Vanessa.
Fodbods are the only certified FODMAP Friendly protein bars in Australia. They're made locally with simple all-natural ingredients. They're high in protein, low in sugar vegan and gluten free.
Fodbods are nutritious and delicious, made for everyone to enjoy. 
Why were Fodbods created?
Following the low FODMAP diet drastically improved Vanessa's life, however all the good ingredients seemed to be off limits! Often on the move, travelling and always hungry, Vanessa would make low FODMAP protein bars to carry in her bag. Unfortunately for the 1 in 7 people who suffer from IBS, there are no FODMAP friendly snacks that are also healthy and tasty. THIS is why Fodbods were created. 
Fodbods aren't just for people with FODMAP intolerance - they're one of the few vegan protein bars that aren't packed with sugar and additives. They're super healthy, filling and convenient - the perfect snack when hunger strikes!