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How to Read Food Labels

Deciphering food labels can be quite tricky and confusing, especially if you have gut issues and are constantly on the lookout for problemsome ingredients.

That’s why we have done the hard work for you. Make sure you save this post to make food shopping a whole lot easier!


Does my child have IBS?

Did you know that approximately 5% of children aged 4-18 years old have IBS? In this blog post, we debunk IBS, how children can get it, how to know if your child has it, how it's diagnosed and managed (trigger warning: we discuss poop a lot)

Will eating fat make me fat?

When it comes to dieting, fat often gets a bad rap. But did you know there are four different types of fat and they’re not all created equal. Healthy fats are an essential part of our diets and are actually beneficial to our health. Unhealthy fats, on the other hand, are linked to various health problems and should be avoided as much as possible. 

10 Low FODMAP Products That Will Change Your Life

Need to follow a low FODMAP diet but don't know where to start? Here are our favourite products that will change your life, lo-fo or not!