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FODMAP friendly snacks are hard to come by and it's even harder to find ones that have strong macros. Fodbods are made to be the snack you can rely on – to fuel you with energy without bloating your tummy!

Our bars are packed 100% natural, gluten free and vegan. And the best part is they’re also delicious, so you don't have to compromise on taste for health! 😉

The Mint Choc Fodbod is one of two mini bars! Its rich chocolate flavour paired with the freshness of mint makes the perfect snack or after dinner treat! 

Nutritional info:

The 30g Mint Chocolate Fodbods have 544kj (equal to 130cal). They contain 9.8g of carbohydrates (only 5.6g of sugar), 9.7g of protein and only 5.8g of fats.

In any meal of the day it's important to have a balance of these nutrients to ensure our bodies function in the right way. A balance of these help us maintain weight and sufficient energy levels throughout the day. 


Sometimes less is more and here at Fodbods we believe our short list of familiar ingredients is much better than a long list of artificial ingredients and additives. 

We pride ourselves on being natural, the ingredients we use in all of our bars are known and familiar to most; and are still super flavourful. All ingredients in the bar are 100% natural non-GMO, gluten and dairy free, vegan and the bar is certified FODMAP-friendly of course! 

Carbohydrates are the body's preferred energy source and are essential for a healthy body. The 9.8g of carbohydrates in the bar are mainly derived from the organic rice malt syrup. Rice malt syrup isn’t too sweet in comparison to other sweeteners and as a result helps with portion control and blood sugar levels. 

Protein is used in our bodies as a building block for brain cells and muscles and keeps us fuller for longer! There is 9.7 grams of protein in the mint choc fodbod that comes from the organic pea protein and organic rice protein. Pea protein assists with building muscle mass, keeping you full and is good for heart health. Rice protein is great for muscle recovery and boost your metabolism 

The fats in the bar are a result of the almonds. Almonds are considered ‘good fats’ and have loads if antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

That concludes our spiel on the Mint Choc Fodbod Nutritional info, but you can always reach us @fobods on socials if you had anymore questions!


We aim to create products that are suitable for everyone, and more importantly, that can be ENJOYED by everyone. Fodbods are made to be the snack you can rely on, for when you need something to reach for that you know will sustain you! We love hearing your feedback and if you ever need to reach out to us you can @fodbods on socials.

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