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The Ultimate FODMAP Friendly Gift Guide

Whether it’s Christmas or someone's birthday, Mothers or Fathers Day - let's be real, we often find ourselves buying gifts all year round. If you have loved ones with IBS, here are some thoughtful gifts just for them! 

FODMAP Friendly Baked Goods

What better gift than some homemade goodies.. From shortbread cookies to rocky road, Christmas fudge, rum balls and everything in between. We’ve made some treats that are not only low FODMAP, they’re fun to make, require very little effort and are so yummy! We recommend wrapping them up in some cellophane, tying them with ribbon and a festive handwritten note for a wholesome gift for your nearest and dearest. 

FODMAP Friendly Cookbooks

The low FODMAP diet is quite complex and can be hard to wrap your head around. That’s why we cannot recommend FODMAP-friendly cookbooks enough! They just make life SO much easier, and the best part is they’ll keep everyone's tummy (and taste buds) happy! We have so many favourites, but highly recommend The 28-Day Plan for IBS Relief, The Gut Friendly Cookbook, and The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen Cookbook.

Yoga Mat

More and more evidence is emerging to support the brain-gut connection. This is where our gut reacts to psychological and physical stress with uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms (we explain this more in this blog post). Gentle and regular movement such as yoga or pilates has been shown to reduce stress and alleviate IBS symptoms. We absolutely love Bliss & Balance and Recycled Mats as they’re both Australian-based companies and have so many funky designed mats that are all eco-friendly.

Hot Water Bottle

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m feeling a bit under the weather or have an upset tummy, there’s nothing more comforting than a nice warm heat pack. Applied heat actually increases blood flow and relaxes abdominal muscles which soothe the gut and reduces symptom severity. We recommend Yuyu Bottles as they’re eco-friendly and super convenient. They’re actually wearable which means you can strap it around your waist to target that abdominal or lower back pain, and still carry on with your usual activities. 

Peppermint Tea

Drinking peppermint tea has been shown to help relax our muscles, reduce bloating, and relieve abdominal pain and cramping. It also helps to increase our fluid intake, which alone helps with our digestion. There’s also nothing more soothing than a nice warm cup of tea.. right?! We absolutely recommend T2 Peppermint Tea and their lovely range of teawares - they have some gorgeous teacups, pots, and infusers, which make the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Fodbods Gift Pack

A little bit of a shameless plug, but how can we not?! Made from only wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients, all of our products are certified FODMAP friendly, plant-based and gluten-free. This pack features one of all of our products so it’s perfect for someone who hasn’t tried Fodbods before or perhaps just can’t pick a favourite (join the crew hehe). They’re all easy on the tummy, taste absolutely incredible, and are super convenient, so you and your loved ones are free to continue living your best lives!

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