Fodbods FAQ's

What are Fodbods? - Made from all natural ingredients, Fodbods are perfectly balanced, delicious protein bars. They're vegan, gluten free, high in protein, low in sugar, and a great source of healthy unsaturated fats. Most importantly, Fodbods are the first protein bar in Australia to have been certified by the FODMAP Friendly Food Program.

Where are Fodbods made? - Fodbods are made in Australia just outside of Byron Bay.

What's so special about Fodbods? - Well, everything ;) But to break it down:

  • FODMAP Friendly: The only certified FODMAP friendly protein bars in

    Australia, making them perfect for people with sensitive tummies.

  • 100% Natural: Made with just a few natural ingredients so you know exactly what you're putting in your body.

  • High Protein: Fodbods contain ~28% protein to keep you full

    throughout the day!

  • Not too sweet: With <20% sugar, Fodbods aren't as sweet as most other

    protein bars. The only thing we add is delicious organic rice malt syrup.

  • Gluten Free: Fodbods have been laboratory tested gluten free so

    they're suitable for those with Coeliac disease.

  • Vegan friendly: 100% plant based because (a) we love animals; (b) we

    love the planet; and (c) energy derived from plants makes you feel fantastic!

  • Non-GMO: No toxic chemicals, no hormones. Just real ingredients, as they're meant to be!

    Who should eat Fodbods?Fodbods are made for everyone, they're deliciously healthy, natural protein bars, as well as vegan, low FODMAP and gluten free. 

    Importantly, Fodbods can be enjoyed by people following the low FODMAP diet.  As many as 1 in 7 people suffer from IBS (Monash estimates 15% of the population) and the low FODMAP diet is designed to reduce the symptoms.

    Having suffered from FODMAP intolerance for many years, I know there are currently no protein bar solutions on the market that are suitable to this demographic (this is why I started Fodbods).

    Fodbods are made for everyone to enjoy, knowing they're getting all the nutrients they need, without worrying about feeling sick. 

    How many Fodbods can I eat? Technically, you can eat as many as you want, but we advise sticking to one bar. Fodbods have been independently tested and certified by the FODMAP Friendly Food Company, however this is only applicable for the recommended 50g serving size. 

    Is pea protein FODMAP friendly? According to Monash University, pea protein is FODMAP friendly in small (40g) serves. There is less than 10g of pea protein in a 50g Fodbod so you shouldn't get any reactions. 

    Is soy protein FODMAP friendly? Soy can be a bit confusing when it comes to FODMAPs. Soybeans contain oligosaccharides, however most of this is removed during the process of making soy protein. The soy protein isolate used in Fodbods has almost negligible amounts of raffinose and stachyose, which are the high FODMAP components of soy. 

    What are FODMAPs? - FODMAP stands for "fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols. These are short-chain carbohydrates that are resistant to digestion. Instead of being absorbed into your bloodstream, they reach the far end of your intestine where most of your gut bacteria reside. Your gut bacteria then use these carbs for fuel, producing hydrogen gas and causing digestive symptoms in sensitive individuals.

    Are Fodbods gluten free? - Fodbods don't contain any gluten, however they are manufactured in a shared facility.

    Why are Fodbods oily? - Fodbods are made with 100% natural nut butters, which are inherently oily. In the heat, the oil separates - imagine a jar of natural peanut butter that has been sitting on the shelf. Make sure you store Fodbods in a cool, dry place and if you feel like they're too oily, just pop them in the fridge for a bit :) 

    Are Fodbods safe for kids to eat? There's no reason why kids can't eat Fodbods - in fact, many parents have been buying them for their kids, particularly those who play sports, because provide a healthy source of lasting energy without a tummy ache.