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Improving Gut Health - Post Antibiotics

Winter has arrived and sickness is all around. Sometimes antibiotics are the only road to recovery but we all know they can shake up our gut vibes, leading to a symphony of symptoms. 

How do antibiotics impact your gut microbiome?

Picture your gut as a vibrant metropolis, bustling with trillions of bacteria bustling about, keeping digestion, immunity, and your whole system in check.

Now, enter antibiotics, the superhero meds swooping in to tackle nasty infections. But here's the plot twist: while they're kicking out the bad guys, they can also accidentally boot out some of the good ones, disrupting the harmony.

Cue the drama: digestive distress takes centre stage, with bloating, bellyaches, and all sorts of tummy turmoil, especially for those in the IBS club. 

Here are 6 tips to restore harmony to your gut after the antibiotic whirlwind.

1. Up your fibre Intake:

Embrace a fibre-rich diet! Load up on whole grains, fruits, veggies, and legumes to keep your gut happy and your bowel movements on track. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Post-antibiotics, make hydration your BFF. Sip on water like it's your job! It's the ultimate digestive sidekick, boosting digestion and ensuring those nutrients get where they need to be.

3. Slow down your eating!

Slow down, savour every bite, and bid farewell to bloat by nixing those giant meals. It doesn't matter if you're the last at the table, what matters is you enjoy and digest your food properly.

4. Eat the rainbow

It's not just about pretty plates – it's about giving your gut a diverse range of flavours and nutrients! Each colour in your fruits and veggies brings its own nutrients to the table, nurturing a diverse microbiome.

5. Fuel Up with Gut Goodies:

Give your gut some love with food-based probiotics and prebiotics! Think lactose-free yogurts, kefir, miso paste, and a bit of red cabbage sauerkraut for a dose of probiotic power. And don't forget those prebiotic-packed treats like just-ripe bananas, rhubarb, kiwifruit, or a spoon of canned lentils or chickpeas to keep those beneficial bacteria thriving!

6. Seek Expert Guidance:

If your guts are still twisted after a course of antibiotics, it's worth speaking to a Dietitian or GP for personalised advice. 

The final say

Antibiotics may be superheroes in the world of fighting infections, but for those with IBS, it can become tricky! It's all about taking proactive strides to nurture your gut microbiome and reignite that inner balance for perfect gut health. 

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