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The FODMAP Scoop on Avo'

The Research

Who loves avocados? Well Monash University have just updated their research on avocados and it's good news! The low FODMAP serving size for avo has increased. But wait, there's more - it turns out that avocados are high in a different Polyol than originally thought – not Sorbitol, but ‘Perseitol'.

Researchers suspect that perseitol might stir up gut symptoms akin to sorbitol, meaning it would still be considered a FODMAP carbohydrate. In addition to the perseitol plot twist, the low FODMAP serving size for avocado has doubled! It used to be just 30g, but now it's a generous 60g, roughly 3 tablespoons. We’d watch out though: larger servings could still tip the FODMAP scales (yep, this is due to perseitol). For more information, check out the Monash University FODMAP Diet App.

The verdict on avocados

The final say? Avocado can still be on the menu while you are on the low FODMAP diet. If you are in the first phase of the low FODMAP diet, you can enjoy a three tablespoon serving per meal. Avoid larger servings of avocado until you are ready to test your tolerance to perseitol. Hopefully, you’ll discover you can enjoy much larger servings without triggering symptoms.

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