Spoonful - the new FODMAP app helping you shop

Spoonful - the new FODMAP app helping you shop


Having the FODMAP friendly and Monash logos has certainly made it easier to identify FODMAP friendly foods, but what about the thousands of other products that haven't been tested? Or what about the products that are high in some FODMAPs but not others. It's impossible to memorise every ingredient out there and who really has time to stand around googling them?!

How amazing would it be if you could just scan the product's barcode and instantly be told which FODMAPs it has? Well, this terrific new app Spoonful does exactly that!
I'm super excited to try out this app. I think it'll be most helpful when you've completed the second stage of the FODMAP elimination diet and identified your trigger foods.
I asked the founders of Spoonful, Deepa and Sam, some questions about the app. 

Why did you start Spoonful?

Both Deepa and Sam have always been fascinated by the food as medicine movement and, in particular, the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Deepa is a lifelong vegetarian who never planned to restrict even more foods from her diet, but in 2006, when her doctor explained that her physical symptoms were likely caused by food reactivity, she was hooked. Since then, she has managed her health, including a heart condition and asthma, almost exclusively pill-free through diet and exercise.

Sam was diagnosed with a mild case of Tourette's Syndrome when he was a kid and has managed to keep his symptoms at bay by eliminating foods like caffeine, certain color dyes, and.. sometimes, chocolate.

Both of us wanted to make something that would be helpful for people with diet-related health conditions, and Spoonful is our attempt at just that!

How do you use the app?

The Spoonful App hopes to make grocery shopping easier for IBS patients on the Low FODMAP Diet. The main feature is a label scanner that flags any ingredients that you should limit or avoid during the elimination phase. Each product you scan will appear in the Discover Tab, which serves as a mini product catalogue. You can scroll it, filter it, search it, and once you've found a product you like, add something new to your Favourites list.
spoonful app discoverspoonful app product.  
All of the data and ingredient notes you'll find in the app have been written and verified by our international team of dietitians. In Australia, we've been fortunate enough to partner with Joanna Baker, who has made significant contributions over the past 3 months.

Who should use the app?

We believe Spoonful is a great resource for all Low FODMAP eaters, but we highly recommend seeing a FODMAP-trained dietitian to make sure you have the basics down. Also, if you see a yellow product in the feed or as a scan result, we recommend checking the safe serving in the Monash App. The two apps work quite nicely together!
spoonful app product.    spoonful app details

Does the app have information on every product?

Currently in Australia, we return results for ~50-60% of scans. This is something we're actively looking to improve upon in the upcoming months. For more information, check out our coverage by store table.

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