Healthy FODMAP friendly shopping list

Healthy FODMAP friendly shopping list

I've spent hours scrolling through the Monash app and reading the ingredients of hundreds of grocery items to identify FODMAP friendly foods.

To save you some time I've put together this healthy FODMAP friendly shopping list. Simply print [THE SHOPPING LIST], cross out what you don't need, add whatever is missing and off you go...

You'll be able to whip up plenty of delicious meals with everything here.

There are lots more FODMAP friendly options and I will continue adding to the list over time. Some of my favourite brands are included. I've also left the document open for comments so please feel free to add your recommendations!!

Important note on the FODMAP Diet

Three steps to the FODMAP diet – elimination phase, reintroduction (challenge phase) and personalisation. 

The foods on this list are low in all FODMAPs ('safe foods') and can be used during the elimination phase and beyond. However once you've determined your trigger foods, you should Monash app traffic light system to bring back foods that are safe for you to eat. You can read more about it [here].

The re-introduction phase is extremely important for maintaining nutritional adequacy and fuelling your gut bacteria. You can read more about [here].

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