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Healthy FODMAP Friendly Shopping List

The low FODMAP diet is often recommended by dietitians to help combat symptoms of IBS (it has been shown to help up to 75% of sufferers).

The first phase of the low FODMAP diet is elimination – this is where all FODMAPs are removed from the diet. Most people find this pretty restrictive, however, there are a lot of great options (if you know what to look for). 

I've spent hours scrolling through the Monash FODMAP app and reading the ingredients of hundreds of grocery items to identify FODMAP friendly foods. To save you some time I've put together this healthy FODMAP friendly shopping list. Simply print [THE SHOPPING LIST], cross out what you don't need, add whatever is missing, and off you go...

Once you've identified your FODMAP triggers during the reintroduction phase, you'll be able to expand your shopping list accordingly in the personalisation phase. This is where the Monash FODMAP app is really helpful, as you can tailor the filters according to your tolerance levels.

Eating a diverse array of foods is important to maintain nutritional adequacy and fuel your gut bacteria. You can read more about that [here].

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