Lemon & Coconut Protein Bars 10 x 50g


The Lemon & Coconut Fodbods are a real crowd pleaser.

The moment you unwrap the bar, your nostrils fill with the smell of tangy lemon and sweet coconut... and when you bite into them your taste buds tingle. Imagine a healthy, filling and guilt free "lemon slice".

They're packed full of protein and a good source of unsaturated fats. We've also managed to keep the sugar content <10g per bar so your energy won't crash 10 minutes after eating them. They're vegan, gluten free and, best of all, they're FODMAP friendly!

Warning: Fodbods are pretty addictive and it's hard to resist eating the whole box, but please remember that the low FODMAP serving size is 1 bar.

Also, keep in mind other FODMAP containing foods you've consumed throughout the day to avoid FODMAP stacking.

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