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10 Low FODMAP Kitchen Staples

This article was written in conjunction with Anita Olmstead, Food Science & Nutrition Graduate


1. Spring Onion (green part only)

If you’re missing the flavourful addition of onion in your home-cooked meals, we have a substitute for you! Slicing and adding the green part of spring onion to your dish can mimic the flavour of onions while adding a crisp texture and a pop of colour. These little morsels are the perfect accessory for soups, stir-fries, salads, and more! Just make sure you discard the white bulb as this part is high FODMAP (or you can keep them to regrow the green parts by simply adding to a glass of water).

2. Plant-Based (Lactose Free) Milk

Lactose is a disaccharide found in milk and dairy, falling under the “D” category in FODMAP. Despite dairy being widely consumed, the prominent rise of plant-based milk alternatives has brought an extensive range of low FODMAP substitutions to keep us fellow FODMAP-pers happy. Not only are soy, oat and almond milk low FODMAP and vegan-friendly, they're also lower in fat compared to traditional cow’s milk

3. Oats

A breakfast favourite! Top your morning oats with blueberries, banana, strawberries, and maple syrup for a delicious and satiating breakfast. Oats are also great for low FODMAP baking! 

4. Gluten-Free Bread & Pasta

Low FODMAP does not mean the end of our affair with bread. Our gluten-free favourites include Helga's and Genius. Concerning pasta, soba (buckwheat) noodles, corn pasta, or brown rice pasta works a treat! Just make sure to avoid gluten-free choices made from beans or lentils (as these are often high FODMAP).

5. Maple Syrup

As a replacement for honey or agave, maple syrup subs for all the works! Whether you drizzle (or pour) onto oats, pancakes, or in tea, this syrup will keep your sweet tooth at bay. Again, perfect for our fellow bakers!

6. Garlic Alternatives

Garlic scape powder or this garlic replacer are perfect garlic alternatives to keep in your pantry. These certified low FODMAP substitutes do not contain high amounts of fructans (an oligosaccharide; the “O” in FODMAP) like regular garlic. Stay sane and season roasted vegetables, proteins, and sauces with “garlic” once again! 

7. Quinoa

Often referred to as a “superfood”, this nutrient-rich grain is not only low FODMAP and easy to digest, but also packed with protein and dietary fibre. When cooked just right, it is a fluffy addition to salads, nourish bowls, and winter soups. If you're after a yummy recipe, we highly recommend checking out this salad (created by our Founder). 

8. Dark Chocolate

If you're new to the FODMAP diet, don't fret - you don't have to cut chocolate out! Monash University have certified dark chocolate as low FODMAP (woohoo). However, be mindful of portion sizes, as 30g is recommended as the safe limit

9. Eggs

Eggs are packed full of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, high-quality protein, and healthy fats. They’re also naturally low FODMAP, super cheap, and versatile which makes them an absolute staple (whether you have IBS or not). Check out some of our favourite low FODMAP egg recipes below:

10. Fodbod Protein Bars

A little bit of a shameless plug, but how can we not?! Fodbods Protein Bars are the only certified FODMAP friendly protein bars in Australia. Made from wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients, they're plant-based and gluten-free so everyone can enjoy. They’re easy on the tummy, taste absolutely incredible, and are super convenient, so you’re free to continue living your best life!

Fodbods Protein Bars

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