Yummy Recipes


Creamy mushroom and brie risotto

This risotto is soooo creamy and soooo delicious! And it's one of those ones that tastes even better the next day. 

Mushrooms can be tricky when it comes to FODMAPs as most are high in Mannitol. Luckily, oyster mushrooms are not. 

We hope you love this yummy risotto as much as we do. Please tag us @fodbods if you make it :)


2 Ingredient Dough + Pizza Recipe

This two-ingredient base is a game changer. Yes you read that right, two ingredients!! It's low FODMAP, super easy and versatile - can be used to make donuts, bagels, New York-style pretzels, or in this case pizza bases.

Eating pizza on a low FODMAP diet can sometimes be quite challenging with bases often containing wheat and many sauces containing onion or garlic. However with a few easy swaps, pizza can definitely still be apart of your lo-fo life.


Healthy Chocolate Crackles

Chocolate crackles were a staple at every Aussie kids birthday party! This recipe is a healthy twist on the nostalgic (and sugary) classic, and make the perfect guilt-free treat.

They're quick and easy to make, low FODMAP so easy on the tummy, vegan-friendly, and are high in fibre and antioxidants! The perfect treat for the kiddies (and yourself) without the nasty sugar-crash.


Low FODMAP Coconutty Chicken Nuggets

What is more kid-friendly than chicken nuggets? This healthy twist on a classic makes the perfect afternoon tea snack or easy dinner for the little ones. You could even serve with a nice salad for a satisfying lunch for yourself.. 

They're a great source of lean protein, are low FODMAP, taste incredible, and can be made with ingredients you likely already have lying around at home!