Yummy Recipes


Low FODMAP Coconutty Chicken Nuggets

What is more kid-friendly than chicken nuggets? This healthy twist on a classic makes the perfect afternoon tea snack or easy dinner for the little ones. You could even serve with a nice salad for a satisfying lunch for yourself.. 

They're a great source of lean protein, are low FODMAP, taste incredible, and can be made with ingredients you likely already have lying around at home!


Mediterranean Inspired Turkey Burgers

These Mediterranean inspired turkey burgers are juicy, refreshing, and packed with so much flavor you’ll find it hard to believe they're low FODMAP!

Turkey often gets a bad rap but is a great source of lean protein. When compared to beef, it is lower in saturated fat which is great for our heart health, and is also lower in calories if you're interested in weight loss.


One Pot Seafood Risotto

This one-pot risotto is the perfect winter meal - great for when you're having a dinner party or need to cook in bulk.

While you may notice some ingredients are high FODMAP, they are used in small enough amounts for the meal to remain low FODMAP overall. However, the beauty of this dish is that it's super versatile.


Fruity Frozen Yogurt Bark

This yogurt bark is the perfect for the whole family - an after school snack for the little ones or a sneaky after dinner treat for you! Great way to get some extra fruit and calcium in.

This recipe is super versatile so feel free to experiment with other low FODMAP toppings.