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Spoonful - the new FODMAP app helping you shop

How amazing would it be if you could just scan the product's barcode and instantly be told which FODMAPs it has? Well, this terrific new app Spoonful does exactly that! 

I had a chat to the one of the founders of Spoonful, Deepa and Sam, to find out more. Here are some extracts from our conversation.


Healthy FODMAP Friendly Shopping List

I've spent hours scrolling through the Monash app and reading the ingredients of hundreds of grocery items to identify FODMAP friendly foods. 

To save you some time, you can print this healthy FODMAP friendly shopping list, zip through the supermarket, and grab everything you need to stock your pantry with tummy friendly foods for you and your family!


FODMAP friendly meal planning

With Coronavirus restrictions slowly being lifted, people are getting ready to go back to work. This might sound exciting and fun until you realise that you will no longer have 24/7 access to your pantry, and finding nutritious FODMAP friendly meals may become a struggle. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Eating out on the low FODMAP diet

So you’ve just been invited to your friend’s birthday dinner at an amazing restaurant. For most people this sounds fantastic, but if you’re FODMAP intolerant, might sound like a nightmare. Even thinking about it is stressful – feeling awkward ordering a “special meal”, unable to partake in the shared dishes, or accidentally consuming FODMAPs because the restaurant has no idea what the heck they are, then tossing in bed after with stomach aches and feeling like sh*t the next day. 

Here are a few tips to make dining out a more enjoyable experience.